Monday, November 10, 2014

In Which I Apologize to Marzano

This is embarrassing. Over the years I've referred to Marzano as "the Dark Lord," and I've coined terms such as Marzanopolooza and Marzonify and Marzanopoly. I've just pummeled the poor guy.

My bad!

As the attached video will confirm, all the things I've complained about were not his idea. Not only that, he strongly opposes the way many school districts use his baggy list of indicators and domains and such. You watch the video and see for yourself.

Anyway, my school district has renamed its evaluation process so Marzano is no longer in the bull's eye, but the Big Marz's name shows up on the bottom of all the handouts next to that little copyright symbol.

"This isn't about Marzano. This is something else because it has a different name. Do NOT look at the person behind the curtain! Crap! Toto! Get away from me!"

It's still used to give teachers scripts to memorize and even blocking, as they say in theatre: "The teacher will now move toward the board and point out. . . . " "At this time the teacher will form groups. . . . "

It's still an anxiety-causing form of evaluation for the poor younger faculty and just something else to keep up with for the older ones.

We'll talk about this more later. Those of you who are neither teachers nor students in the public education system will think I'm writing science fiction or hyperbolic satire. Not so.

But now, listen to Marzano. I never thought I'd be saying that.

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