Saturday, August 3, 2013

Let's Try Again!

This blog has been dormant for a long time now, but is awakening as if from a deep but satisfying sleep. Where am I? What time is it, anyway?

In some districts, schools will open in a matter of days. The week called "pre-plan" (more on that in a future post) begins in a few hours, and early in the first day or so of that week, a principal will introduce us to new teachers, the ink still wet on their degrees and teaching certificates.

They do not know what awaits them during this week, and they certainly can't imagine what the following week -- the one where the "kids" show up in order to have their young minds molded -- will bring. In fact, the whole premise of this blog is that education departments don't prepare people to teach, nor does carefully observing one's own teachers over the years, though that certainly doesn't hurt.

Even people who are pretty sure they've heard the winds of pedagogy calling them to teach tend to make some pretty big, but mostly survivable, messes of their job the first few years. I personally have been making those messes for over 30 years, but if Old Me had been around to write this blog for Young Me (oh, how I miss that well-meaning goof!), I would've made fewer, would've become a pretty decent teacher much earlier in my career.

So I'm resurrecting this blog with a series of brief posts for committed but clueless young teachers. I'll try to help you avoid my mistakes and the mistakes I've seen other newbies make. I've covered some of this ground in posts dating back to the blog's inception in 2011, and when I believe those longer, more reflective pieces will be helpful, I'll refer to them by date.

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